The "Hermia" Hand Woven Merino Wool Footstool

The "Hermia" Hand Woven Merino Wool Footstool


Referred to as "An Object of Desire" by Country Living Magazine's Modern Rustic, the "Hermina" footstool is hand woven using giant Merino wool that has been hand-felted to give it an amazing texture with incredible durability. The legs hare hand-turned oak, sourced from a small independent workshop in Fife. The top is easily removed, to display a neutral upholstery grade fabric beneath, feel free to contact me in regards to under-cloth, as I typically use either 100% British Wool or a Neutral Linen . This completely original design will make a statment no matter the room it is perched.

The Hermia has that ever so cool Scandi-Hygge vibe that everyone is talking about, it will be a talking point wherever it resides. The wool top makes it tactile, durable and functional from living space, to nursery to bedroom. We have yet to have someone walk past one of these stools and not have a feel!

These stoolswould make an amazing gift for that person who treasures one-off pieces, and their size makes them welcome even in the smallest of spaces.

Each footstool is hand crafted from start to completion, and covered in a neutral British wool fabric that compliments each of the hand woven tops, which makes it a very versatile piece, while you might be cleaning your top, the stool is still completely usable. As the stool gains followers I am often making different tops for the seasons. How easy is it to pop on a different coloured top when you change up your room each season.

The merino wool starts off as the ultra thick, luxurious wool used in extreme knitting but is hand felted, much like when you accidently put your favourite sweater in the washing machine and it now fits your three year old! Except this isn't an accident, this process give the wool it's longevity. If you have a houseful of sticky hands, or perhaps a tipsy dinner guest, the top will come off and can be dry-cleaned.

Each one of our footstools are 100% handmade and meet all fire regulations, up to commercial grade. The base is FSC certified. The dimensions are:

Height: 44cm (17") x 40cm (16") Square with Felted Wool Top removed, 33cm Sq (13")

As Seen In: Country Living's Modern Rustic Vol 10 and Grazia UK

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