The "Demetrius" Hand Woven Extreme Yarn Footstool

The "Demetrius" Hand Woven Extreme Yarn Footstool


This original, hand woven extreme yarn footstool will make a statement in any room, while its sqeezably soft top make it cozy and inviting.

The Demetrius has that ever so cool Scandi-Hygge vibe that everyone is talking about, and as an original design, it will be a talking point which ever room it resides. It would make a wonderful wedding gift, or new home gift. For those with smaller spaces, it is the perfect piece to compliment a room without overtaking it.

It is soft, comfortable and functional from living space, to nursery to bedroom.

Each footstool is hand crafted, and covered in a neutral fabric that compliments each of the hand woven tops.

The footstool itself meets all fire regulations and the base is FSC certified.

The legs of The Demetrius are hand turned oak legs produced in an independent workshop on the Isle of Fife.

The Demetrius is made from an extremely chunky cotton/poly blend, that makes you want to hug it. The top is easily removable, as it has a bit of an elastic band feel to it. These tops can be handwashed at 30 degrees, making it both stylish and functional in any household.

This is a 100% hand crafted item

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