Small Felted Wool Baskets

Small Felted Wool Baskets


These are the smallest, of the bunch, yet ever so versatile, from plant holder, to catch all, they are so tactile and dense.

These baskets are approximately 6" and 7" in diameter, with a 5" opening. The measurement are approximate as this wool, whilst as sturdy as rope, can be manipulated, stretched and pushed about.

They would make an absolute statement wherever they are put into use. I’ve yet to see someone walk past one of these baskets and not have a little squeeze.

All my felted wool baskets can be hand washed, or washed on the gentle 30 cycle in your machine. If there is slight pilling, please remove by pulling the the direction of the yarn. Once washed, manipulate back to their original shape and let air dry. The wool is naturally hypo-allergenic, absorbs odours and can be spot cleaned with water in-between washes, making them ideal for multiple uses throughout your home.

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