Large Felted Wool Scoop Baskets

Large Felted Wool Scoop Baskets


These gorgeous felted wool "scoop" baskets are truly stunning in any room! Giant Felted Wool Baskets for any use around the home. Whether it be a quirky hold all for magazines ��(or yarn) or a much needed upgrade to your standard log basket these ��felted wool baskets are on point.��

Excellent uses are endless. From logs to magazines and everything in between, these baskets will hold up!��

The best bit? If they need a clean, throw them in the machine on 30 and let them air dry. The wool had already been shrunk in the felting process!

Incredibly durable and strong to hold even your heaviest items. They are also mailable and tactile. If choose to wash them just mold them back into shape and let air dry!

They will be the talking point of any room and have that cozy, Scandinavia vibe that is ridiculously on trend. These baskets are about 44" circumference with a 8" height on the body. This can be smaller around and longer, as you can manipulate the basket.

With an array of colours your choices are endless and as always custom orders are always welcome. If you would like a different colour, just message and I will do my best to accommodate,

The approximate measurements are 20cm deep, 36cm in diameter and 105cm circumference.

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