Hand Felted 80cm x 50cm "Pebble" Rug

Hand Felted 80cm x 50cm "Pebble" Rug


Are they pebbles? No they aren't, but anyone laying eyes on this beautifully natural rug will do a double take. Each "Pebble" is as unique as a snowflake, as they are all individually hand felted and then worked into this lovely rug. 

 Once you have a moment to experience them underfoot they will know with 100% certainty that they are not pebbles but small mini-cushions. They are a luxury beyond compare. 

Perfect for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, entryway. In fact, anywhere a rug would come in useful, this rug will not only fit the bill, but add an amazing dimension to your room.



100% Wool, making them hypo-allergenic, naturally stain and water resistant

Wool is a natural absorbent of odours from the enviornment.

It can be hoovered to pick up surface dirt

Hand washing is an option, but must only be air dried

These rugs hail from Nepal, a country steeped in traditions of felting wool. They are handmade by women who have been working with wool for generations. They are Goodweave certified, and actively promote fair working wages for their employees and no child labour. 

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