Giant Merino Wool Wall Hanging Decorative Stars

Giant Merino Wool Wall Hanging Decorative Stars


Giant Merino Wool Christmas Star 

A gorgeous, yet quirky star that is perfect for your Christmas decorations. These stars have been perfected over the last year. The obvious softness of the merino wool makes them a bit floppy  (making them perfect, in my opinion) but with the added structure of MDF wood attached to the back, it is now has a bit more structure

With or without fairy lights, this giant star will add the best bit of cozy Christmas to your home. The fairy lights are strung throughout the wool and are battery operated copper wire lights, the switch is attached to the MDF and is battery operated, easy to change batteries if they run out.

The star measures approximately 14"-15" from point to point. Due to the nature of the wool the size varies.

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